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Water Lettuce, Pistia stratiotes and other plants

I am overrun by Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes), Java Moss, guppy grass (Najas guadalupensis) and Anacharis (Elodea or Egeria). The water lettuce is tank raised and is a magnificent tank cleaner, In the tank it stays smaller, huge root system, and it spreads very well. I just put some outside on my koi ponds and I have a lot left over in my tanks. I also have young mystery snails, red cherry shrimp, and Riccia Fluitans or Crystalwort. I have young Marble Veil, Silver veil and 1/2 black veil angel fish (1/2 to 1 1/2 inch) and several species of rare livebearers such as: Butterfly Goodeid (Ameca Splendens), Humpback Limia (Limia nigrofasciata), Knife Livebearer (Alfaro Cultratus), and some terrific Sunset Platys and red wag platys. All Denver tank raised and acclimated. I also have several large HOB filters that are surplus to my system.

If I had cats instead of fish they would label me a "hoarder" and lock me up. Do you have room in your tanks for some of my overflow? Lets make a deal!

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