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Originally Posted by carolinyens View Post
Aquarium Outfitters in Wake Forest in the odd ball painted building(dont know why they painted it those colors it looks like the early 90s threw up on the place) is prolly your best bet. Triangle Tropical Fish seems to be on a decline. Not sure whats goin on in there but there used to be so much stuff in there for such a small space it was mind blowing. Now not so much. I believe there is a place near Triangle Town Center not in there but I think near where the Best Buy is. Its mediocre. There used to be a super badass LFS near the chucky cheese on US1 but it moved years ago to somewhere else down the road and I believe they went under new mgmt and changed their name. If that place was anything like it was near the chucky cheese then thats where you really wanna go. Im sure someone on here knows the place and will chime in
The place by chucky cheese closed down a while ago. The one by best buy is the Fish Room. They just opened 2nd location in Cary, I went this past weekend. I thought was very nice and had a good selection. Aquarium Outfitters is nice as well, and always can find that odd fish you might be looking for, only problem is they seem to be priced on the high side, nothing really marked on tanks for fish prices, but the have large selection.
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