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Originally Posted by sjb1987 View Post
sweetflag is crazy stuff.....pretty yall have any corkscrew rush up there?...its pretty neat and my dad install ponds and pondless waterfalls and every now and then we use it if the situations right...pretty pond by the way
Thanks. I do have corcksrew rush in there also. I like how it stays alot smaller than some of the other rush varieties.

Originally Posted by wendyjo View Post
That's so Beautiful <3

How much maintenance is involved in the upkeep?
Not as much as my aquarium that is for sure. Once a year in the spring I take all the fish out and put them in 3 seperate stock tanks and drain the pond completely and get all the dead leaves that fall from the trees in the fall out and completely flush out the waterfall and skimmer box. After that intial cleaning all there is to do is clean the skimmer box foam weekly and the waterfall foam every 3-4 months. I haven't had any fish spawn the last 3 years so last spring I tried things differently and left the fish in and just vaccumed the bottom and did a 70-80% water change hoping to see if they would spawn if I didn't drain the whole thing and they didn't. I'm hoping to have a successful spawn this year even though I don't plan on keeping any of the babies unless I see some that have unique markings. It's pretty neat seeing all the different colors you can get from a spawn. Several of the fish that are in there are from spawns 4-5 years ago.

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