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I got some more work done today on my RO system but I'm still waiting for the heater and a couple of other misc parts before I can hook up the supply line and get the water flowing through this thing, but for now here's my progress.

Some of these photos are just ugly, here's the outlet into the front lawn and after I get it caulked and painted it should blend in well, plus that Nandina hides it pretty good. On the other side of this wall sits my tank and to the left is the drain and to the right the RO unit and holding tank.

This is the pump (Rio 10HF) which delivers 660 gph at 1 foot of head pressure but I will be using it with about 6 feet oh head pressure which will slow it to 190 gph, so it should take 17 minutes to pump 50 gallons of water into my tank and I'll add another 7 to 15 gallons of tap water to get the hardness right.

Here's the tank all plumbed in, I think it turned out OK and I did have over 6 months to think about the layout.

I had to cut a hole 2.5" x 4.5" to get the pump and heater into the tank and it also has a float to stop the fill, but it is in my garage so there are insects, chemicals, and lots of dust from my experiments so I needed the tank to be sealed fairly well. I used a scape piece of 1/8" Plexiglas and just used a razor and straight edge to make the cuts then I cleaned it up with the Dremmel, applied a border of 1/4" weather stripping foam and taped it with a high quality duct tape and it's sealed pretty good, the blue tube is just a vent and you would be very surprised at how much pressure can build in one of these tanks just from a rise in temperature. The valve will keep the wast water out of the holding tank but will need to be opened to fill the tank inside of the house.
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