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I have a treat for you guys today. To celebrate Week 4, I took some video from the phone for you to enjoy the layout a little more real than just photographic.

There's even a better step you can take to really enjoy the progress this tank has made along with me; if I could, I'd love to invite you into my home to enjoy it for yourself. Unless you're in the Houston area, the best I can do is share video and photographs with you.

Week One - Initial Set Up

Week One - Fancy Close Ups

Week Four - The Full Tank Video

Because the pictures are hard to see the true beauty of Riccia Fluitans, I wanted to make a close up video of a piece of what is seen in person,

This Video Shows the Beauty of Riccia Fluitans

I'd like to encourage everyone to give that plant a try!

And for some photos:

Full Tank Shot

What I'd like you to notice here is that there is no surface film since the last water change. This is a sign of the aquarium leveling out and progressing into balance.

You'll remember that the progress of this tank has had surface film form the very next day after water changes during this establishment period. To the point where a paper towel was deployed to remove the film!

Now a point has been reached where this film is not occuring, and is a sign that everything is going well - no decomposing, excellent oxygen / co2 exchange and healthy organisms.
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