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I went to the February and April auctions. It is a blast and addicting. I learned a lot. Just getting to see everything I read about, and then to buy it for a few bucks, is great. I probably spent 6 to 8 hours total over those two events. There are a lot of opportunities because a few items are auctioned off every minute that whole time.

Roy: I asked someone (who shall remain nameless hah!) if you were there. I was not communicating very clearly (TPT? and I couldn't remember your real name) but I know the name they said wasn't right. Regardless, I didn't go over and introduce myself.

seachaz: It's a very cool group of people. I understand why you might have thought it sounded otherwise and I might have thought so too if I hadn't been to an event. When I read the post about bringing the ID I chuckled a little bit. There's a friendly vibe among everyone there. Nobody ever asked me for anything... except to pay for what I won!

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