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Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
I'm curious about these, it says on the site "This stage will also increase the PH of your drinking water to an alkaline state between 7.4 and 8 PH.". What if I don't want my pH raised, do I have to use these canisters? If I ran the system with all but those, would it still be pure water with a lower pH?
Hi there,

The level of PH out of the system without the DI Canisters will more than likely be neutral in charge, 7.0 PH

You can run the system without DI Canisters. The canisters will make the water alkaline to that of between 7.5 and 8.6 which is the healthy level. If you'd like to use the canisters but don't want to have alkaline water, you'll want to add a buffer that can be found at any local Aquarium Supply store (and if we get more questions like yours, eventually direct from us )

Thanks for your inquiry! Please let us know if we can help you further.

Best Regards,
Dan w/ Aquasafe

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