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Originally Posted by gotplants View Post
There is glue supporting everything. Holes were screwed where the screws will be placed. Then the pieces were glued together and screwed in to hold. I didn't have any clamps so the screws sort of acted like clamps.

Also, if you look at the ADA stand, there is a toe kick on it. People usually just put a piece of plywood under the stand. Without the toe kick, the door would have a hard time opening properly, especially on carpet because the door is supposed to go down all the way to the end of the stand.

I'm not sure if it would have been cheaper or not to buy a kitchen cabinet but I wanted an ADA style stand. I don't think they make kitchen cabinets looking like ADA stands..
Sorry. When I first posted I didn't see wood glue on your list. I saw the contact cement but not wood glue. And lo and behold there it is on the right side of your build in the very first photo. Did you change that photo?

Yeah I had to google ADA style stand to see what it looks like. Basically just a simple, nondescript box. No embellishment whatsoever.

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