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I was looking for stands and the good looking ones were $150+. I decided that I wanted to make a DIY ADA Style Stand..

CAUTION - Do not make a toe kick!! The front of the tank is really unstable because of it.. Since it was the first diy stand I made, there were many mistakes, this being the biggest one. When building an ADA stand, build it normally and put a 3/4" piece of plywood underneath so the door will be able to open. Don't make the toe kick! I now have to put a piece of wood to support the front end in case the thing gets shaken so it doesn't fall and create a huge disaster..

Do what this guy did -

Tank - Mr. Aqua 17.4 Gallon

Dimensions: 24x12x28+2 for Toe Kick

Materials -
2x 3/4" high quality plywood
1x 8x4 sheet of Formica

Tools -
Table Saw
Circular Saw
Power Drill
Laminate Cutting Router Bit

Extras -
Contact Cement
Wood Putty
Wood Glue
European Hinges

Drill holes a little deeper than the screw. Put glue on the plywood. Screwed the screws in a little deep in the wood.

Added the Top and bottom!

Close up of the Toe Kick!

Put putty over the screws. Going to sand off to be smooth for the formica tomorrow.

The door is done being cut out.

UPDATE 4/18/12

Added the formica today.

Toe Kick again!

Back of the stand

Door is finished. It's a bit blurry..

Here's a mistake I made on the door. I wanted it to look better so I put formica on BOTH sides of the door. Big mistake.. Now the door overlaps the front of the stand by about 1/8 of an inch. It would've been 1/16 of an inch without that mistake because forgot to put the measure of the formica when cutting the sides of the tank. 1/16 of an inch off wouldn't be that bad but 1/8 is pretty noticeable. I have OCD so I might have to make another door in the future..

UPDATE 4/20/12

Finished stand!!

DIY Garden Mat - Kitchen Cushion Mat. The top is waterproof and it's just like a giant mouse pad. It's about 8mm thick I believe. I cut it to be exactly the dimensions of the tank and stand then colored the sides with sharpie. I didn't think of this idea. I saw it in a thread on SCAPE.

Close up of the mat..

Side view. Made 2" holes on both sides. I might put 2" grommets as well. Just have to order it off amazon or something.

Inside of the stand.

Drilled 2" hole in the bottom right of the inside of the tank for the wires. Also siliconed the corners/cracks for extra protection.

Put everything inside. I also put a tool rack in. It's an 18' magnetic holder that I got on sale $4.00!!

Put on the tank Going to fill up this weekend after almost 3 months!

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