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Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
One thing I would suggest with a brackish tank is to try to keep the water as lightly salty as you can. With that setup that I had I experienced some trouble losing a few mangrove trees because it was apparently too saline, even though I tried to slowly raise the salinity. I removed some of the salt by doing all of my water changes with just 2 tablespoons marine salt per 5-gallon pail. I'm not sure what specific gravity this yields (?), but the brackish fish that I still have in there (Cyprinidon variegatus) still seem very healthy with this less salty water.

Another really weird brackish plant that I am trying to find is the aroid Montrichardia arborescens. This is not an easy to find plant and definitely a collector's item.

Wikimedia Commons image...
That is strange. I was always under the impression that mangrove are brackish water plants - in fact many grow them in saltwater sumps or refugiums. Perhaps different species have different requirements? One thing I do know about them is that they have a huge element uptake, calcium I believe, but don't quote me on that. I know that several who tried them in salt tanks around here reported having to hugely up their dosing in order to maintain desired levels once the mangroves got any size to them.
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