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Originally Posted by duff View Post
Very interesting, what do you do that causes people bring to you Salamanders in need? I've lived in 5 states and camped in a dozen more and don't think I have ever remembered seeing a salamander! Do you live near a river?

(oh do I love Wyoming btw, such a beautiful state If I wasn't so settled here, I'd be there in a heartbeat!)
I'm a high school biology teacher who has a room full of aquariums, vivariums, paludariums, and terrariums. To be quite honest, I've seen them in the wild only once myself. Our community sits at the junction of 3 fairly large rivers, so we sit smack in the middle of a large riparian area. One year, several years ago, at the end of the school year I had 12 different salamanders in my ghetto set-up! I released all of them but one back into the wild.

Thanks, I'm a native, so its near and dear to my heart.
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