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A really cool kind of setup would be something like what I was talking about right here...

A riparium like that would just have slightly brackish water, an aragonite substrate, riparium plants in hanging planters (no trellis rafts) and a big manzanita stump right in the middle. A 65 would probably be big enough for a small group of Indian mudskippers and they woudl love to crawl around on the manzanita stump. I don't know if mudskippers can climb glass or trees and if it might also require a top(?). With a larger tank you could keep some microleps archerfish.

This would go together pretty easy. Since it would not involve any kind of paludarium construction taking up room there would still be plenty of space for fish. You would have a good start for plants with your Pandanus and then add these additional really cool brackish riparium plants...
  • leather fern
  • Cryptocoryne ciliata
  • black mangrove
  • white mangrove
  • red mangrove
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