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Originally Posted by duff View Post
Your Salamanders are beautiful. How big are they now? What do you feed them?

You tank looks fabulous. The orchid is a lovely addition. I'm looking forward to seeing them in their new home!
Thanks duff. The salamanders are about six inches and are around two years old - both were early spring rescues from two years ago. I have numerous students and even some adults who bring them in because they find them in odd places - trapped in a window well, in the hall of a nursing home, etc. Most I try and return to the wild as soon as we've fattened them up a bit and the weather warms up, but these two were pretty small and emaciated, so I hung on to them. I feed a variety of foods; earthworms, crickets, meal worms etc., but my base is meal worms from a couple cultures covered in vitamin dust. Both of these now are just over 6 inches from tip of nose to the tip of their tail.

Originally Posted by CatB View Post
teehee! your ghetto setup is actually rather charming :'D

i figured that's what it was for, but i didn't see that it was to be underwater. my bad. it should go up, you might have to add more, worst case scenario...
Thanks - in addition to being ugly however, its also pretty large with a lot of wasted space. I'm looking forward to having it gone as my next project is either a vivarium with sump or a cold water paludarium with a sump. Regardless of which way I end up going, the tank will need to be on a stand with space beneath for a sump.

I'm curious to see how quickly it breaks down under the more acidic conditions. Since I did end up with quite a few dolomite chunks mixed in I'm fairly certain it shouldn't disappear too quickly. If it does however I've got lots a full bag of the petco stuff.
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