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The Terrestrial Zone

For the terrestrial portion, I laid down a base of large gravel which I covered with a piece of fiber matt to prevent the soil from falling down into it;

For a soil mix, I used Earth-Gro Top Soil from Home Depot mixed with reconstituted coco fiber. I planted my bonsi tree, added the driftwood cave and placed the Lady Slipper orchid in a clay pot sunk into the soil. The pot definitely cut into the soil area available, so depending on how active the salamanders are, I may have to rethink this orchid.

I still need to add some leaf litter to cover the soil and in about a week, after the water pH stabilizes from the Ion brick substrate, I hope to add the salamanders and assorted invertebrates. Once I see where the salamanders spend their time, then I'll make a final decision on fish and other inverts. Hopefully at that point I'll also be able to add in some additional plants to both the aquatic and the terrestrial portions.

At any rate, here is the required FTS shot;

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