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Originally Posted by CannaBrain View Post
very unique build, lookin forward to seein it progress

I do have a couple questions. how do you intend on maintaining water level with your inflow there? just seems like a couple days evap and you could be suckin air, but maybe you've added something I'm not seein or maybe I'm just seein it wrong. Also, what's your main water source? I've been tryin to figure out ways to lower my pH since I live in a hard water area..

You mentioned orchids earlier, sounds sweet! still plannin on that?

Good luck with the rest, I'll be watchin
Thank you for looking and for your comments.

Right now my current plan is to install a misting system using a pump and 1/4" tubing. I'm currently monitoring water evap to get some idea of how often that pump will have to kick on in order to maintain the water level. What I'm not sure of is if I can balance the tanks need for water with that of the terrestrial side to dry out and not be water-logged. It may end up having to be dual system of some sort.

My main water source is tap water, which around here typically has a pH of 7. You might want to consider purchasing bottled water or installing a RO system. Personally I would not use RO/DI in a freshwater system.

As far as the orchids, they are definitely still in the plan. There will be a Lady Slipper orchid in the terrestrial portion and I hope to place several miniture hanging varieties as well. That large hole in the top of my piece of driftwood is hopefully going to work well for one placement and I hope to get a couple of others on the piece of cottonwood bark.
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