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Originally Posted by CatB View Post
awesome build so far!
i'd very much like to see your current "ghetto setup" for the salamanders- sounds intriguing xD
are your salamanders wild-caught?

only one problem i saw-
on the initial post, under "vertebrates," you had crayfish...
crayfish are inverts too :P

but really, this is something i'd like to do in the future... subscribing!

EDIT: why not add something to raise the pH (not chemical, natural... something calcium? limestone, maybe?) to the water?
Thats easy enough. Here's a picture of the old ghetto set-up from the exterior;

And here's a shot of the interior;

Good catch on the crayfish LOL - I fixed it (I think).

In regards to the pH, I'm hoping the two pockets of aragonite sand will accomplish just that. Under low pH, the aragonite should dissolve and raise the pH. Devin indicated that the Ion brick will cause the pH to lower for the first week or so, so I'm hoping the effect is only temperary.

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