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Originally Posted by lipadj46 View Post
Is GE II safe for riparium animals? I know some report having issues with fish when using it.
Personally, I think this is one of those topics that will be debated till the end of time LOL, but here is my personal take on it. All GE type II is not created equal. I have tubes of GE II that say 100% silicon and say nothing about mold or mildew resistence in clear, white, and black. I also have tubes of GE II that say mold and mildew resistant on them (usually labeled as indoor/outdoor). I also have tubes of aquarium silicon and GE type I (in the same colors) that say 100% silicon and nothing about mold or mildew resistance. So long as its 100% silicon, it should be aquarium safe although if you read the tubes, they all say not aquarium safe (except the aquarium silicon). I've never had any issues with type I or type II so long as its the 100% silicon and not the mold or mildew resistant version.
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