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With the tank in its final placement, I was able to complete the plumbing on the filtration system. All the attachments to the bulkheads are plastic and the hose attachments to the bulkheads are locked in place with plastic locks. Here's what it looks like top-down;

I seeded the ZooMed 501 with a sponge and material from the aquaclear filter on my bog tank. Even with the added filter materials, the filter still pushes a pretty good current;

The overflow is hidden behind the permant rock structure in the back left corner, and both the overflow elbow and the overflow strainer is black so without looking very carefully, you can't even see it. The return on the other hand as you can see in the above picture is very visible, so I had to hid it under a rock;

After running for two days, the pH is testing a just above 6.5, which while in the range of the acceptable is still lower than I prefer, so I won't be adding anything living beyond those few plants for a bit yet.

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