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Originally Posted by schoolzoo View Post
Looks good. Can't wait to see this finished.
Thanks, I'm looking forward to it myself, especially since it means that monstrosity I'm currently using can go away.

Originally Posted by FinalJenemba View Post
Looks fantastic! I have always wanted to build one like that. Hate to say it but what you have there is a Paludarium not a Riparium tho... Ripariums have no land, but regardless of names it looks amazing!
Thank you - yeah that whole name thing LOL, I waivered considerably on that from a vivarium to paludarium to riparium to vivaquarium. Finally I just picked one. After spending some more time researching, I reached pretty much the same conclusion you did, in that paludarium is most likely the correct name. But alas, a little too late for my title.

Originally Posted by duff View Post
It does look fantastic! You're going to have a great home for your salamanders. Have you decided on what mix you will be using on the right side?

Looking forward to seeing your updates!
Thanks - the current mix plan on the right is Earth-Gro topsoil and reconstituted coco fiber in a 50/50 mix. I looked for the ABL, but nobody in the area carries it. On the Caudata site they indicated the Earth-Gro (available at Home Depot) will also work.
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