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Week 4 results

I decided to name this week "Lessons learned".
I found out the hard way that I had too much water in the soil, started to see the hc and glosso turn yellow and die. After adjusting the water level to about 1 inch UNDER the top of the cap, things seems to be turning around. I no longer mist (except to squirt the moss on the wood) and I have turned the fogger off.

The fact to impart with those of you wanting to try this method is that the DSM (dry start method) uses the humidity from the soil to keep things moist. You do not have to add water every day, you do not need to mist every day.

Because I had things TOO wet, I got root rot on some of the plants which caused the yellowing and die off. I expect that they will recover, I already see new growth in some of the affected areas.

Full view:

Downoi and Starougyne are really filling in nice.

Still have some yellow hc left over, but you can see the new growth. Starougyne is filling in and the mini-pennywort in the back is taking over! Fissidens are growing out on the wood.

This was the biggest problem area, you can still see the glosso "dead spots", but it is starting to snap back. Started some xmas moss on the tree here that is taking off good, I have more xmas and mini xmas moss coming next week.

And yes, that is a fly strip in the tank. Seems that gnats love the conditions of a terrarium environment! Guess i could have thrown a frog or 2 in there

Thanks for looking.
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