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Aaron T,
After i visited AFA in san fran I really liked the way that one of their display tanks is positioned at the front of the store where you can look through the tank and out the window. To me, It added a lot of depth to it. it looked like the tank went on forever.

The other side of my window has japanese maple trees and some bushes outside. when you look through the tank it is as though they are growing out of the tank in the background.

the window is facing north and is shaded by the roof overhang and never really gets direct sunlight so I think that it will be alright. I can close the shutters if it becomes problematic.

I was fortunate to have a friend who works with stainless for a living and he helped out a lot with the skinning of the stand. The materials we used were mainly scraps from other jobs so the cost wasn't so much a factor.

On the mechanical look, I got something else to show you guys when I really set up my co2 and the rest of the equipment. I think youll like it.
Stay tuned

Originally Posted by AaronT View Post
Setting it up in front of a window might not be the best idea. I had a tank next to a window and constantly battled algae in the summer months.

Nice looking setup though. It's nice to see something different like this.

Discus, (The Other White Meat.)
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