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I can tell you right now, it may look like one hell of a deal, but going with a cheap chinese knockoff LED isn't going to be cheap in the long run.

These 10w LEDs put out what is listed as "600-700 lumens", which is most likely not true, as well as being 6500-7000k. That's 60-70 lumens per watt, which is very inefficient.

A single Bridgelux BXRA 950-B (another 10w LED, the LED series these guys are trying to copy) running at 500ma puts out over 1100 lumens MINIMUM. They are more powerful and more efficient than even the CREE XM-L.

The LED will burn out very quickly on that heatsink inside of that fixture. You will need to place it on a better heatsink out in the open and run a fan on it to cool it down. As you get into higher wattage LEDs, you need significantly more cooling than 3w LEDs. It will burn out in a month, and you'll be need to purchase another one and wait three weeks for it to arrive. That one will burn out in the same amount of time unless given proper cooling.

You can definitely go with cheaper options, but if it's going to cost you significantly more in the long run, why bother?

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