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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Oh well, take that one off the list. What were we saying about flaky people on cl? Lol
Oh don't go there. I had a person who called me from Indiana 5 times yesterday about the car. Wanted me to hold the car for him.. now he said he is leaving this afternoon and drive to NJ and wanted me to hold the car for him.

What's your address? I am going to have him come meet me at your address. .LOL

I don't know.. About 10 years ago when I listed my car for sale. A guy called me from Arkansas and asked me my closes airport. They were at the airport a few hours later that day and asked me to pick them up. I got there and they were on flip flop without any luggage but had the cash. I refused the cash and told them they needed to convert it to a certifield check. They had to get a hotel room and waited until the next day cause the bank was closed. Completed the sale at at AAA and they drove the car home. That was one of my craziest encounter with selling someone online.
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