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Originally Posted by xriddler View Post
Thank you Azarakiah for directing me to this thread. I own a 40g breeder and would like to try my hands on growing hc cuba. Has anyone had any luck growing this carpet plant using clamp lighting? Would also like to find out your lighting conditions/parameters. 13w cfls as i read gives about 35par how much more do cuba's require? Would 4 8.5 inch shop lights with 23w cfls with 1600 lumens each bulb be enough to grow hc cuba? Would the spread of light cover my whole tank back to front? i cant afford pressurized co2 either and i asked my lfs if cuba can grow with diy co2 and they said definately. however i might use diy co2 or just dose excel not sure which way to go yet. Sorry im very new and this would be my first tank >_> please be kind if you need to chew me out for stupidity but please do tell me where i am lacking of knowledge. thank you all
dont quote me on it, but as my knowledge form this forum is, hc needs very high lighting, like some t5ho , and pressurized co2. i love the looks of it, but its not worht the hassle AT ALL to me.
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