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Oddly enough, regarding Boutique, I decided to do a Google search on them purely out of sadness and denial that they were gone, and I found this:

It's at the same address as where Boutique used to be. It has a pretty modern design and almost nothing on it so far, save for a name of the person running the place and a request to add him personally on Facebook. Looking him up on Facebook, his page is pretty current, and he just added the same image as that on the front of his webpage a few days ago.

It looks to me like someone bought up the space where Boutique used to be, reused the name for the sake of familiarity, and has set the place up to be entirely about fish instead of a general pet supply store with a large aquarium section. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone gone to check it out? I may go do so myself sometime soon if I can convince the partner to drive me across White Rock Lake to do so.
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