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Slowly filling:


Tank looks way more bright than it truly is.

Forgot to attach this part of the wood to a rock, so I have to weight it down for a week or two:

All the super glue will eventually be covered up with moss growth. Then it'll look pretty sweet, I think.

A reputable seller sent me these Cryps as parva but they're a little large to be parva, I'm thinking. Decided to use them anyway because they're tall:

Also found two small E. parkeri that had recently split so I decided to toss them in, as well, to see what happens.

Put two chunks of sponge from an old filter in the AC. It contains the AC sponge, old sponges, old ceramic chunks, new ceramic chunks, filter floss. Decided to use Nutrafin Cycle again, as well.

Excitement builds!
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