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Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
Do you only continually top off with RO water to keep the params the same or is the RO mixed with a small amount of remineralizer to add some minerals back? Even with pure RO top offs, won't you get a TDS creep eventually?
In Japan, we simply just top off with tap water since the water is idealized for shrimp keeping.The key is just to keep the water parameter stable.
I top off my tank with pure RO but in a small amount every 2days so it won't disturb the shrimps. In addition, I use water conditioner to stabilize my parameter (black control).
I think everyone probably have their own method. I'd recommend test then adjust since the water source, substrate and filter system are different.

Originally Posted by darkrainer View Post
What is TDS? What is PPM?
Where do I get RO?
TDS : total dissolved solids.
ppm : parts per million.
RO: reverse omosis.
I'm sure there are lot of topics about this if you do a little search in the forum.

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