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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
ill join in too, if youll have me.
i always see bettas kept in barebottom jars, or in unscaped tanks with just some anubias and hornwort thrown in. im sick of it.
i will build not just a betta tank, but a low-light divided betta barracks, from a 5.5 gal. and by god, im going to scape the little 4x8 plots, and make them look good (or eat my words ).
Great Marko! The important lesson isn't so much to focus on being low-tech, as it is an exercise in methodology. Whether it is "high-tech," or "low-tech," (as we discussed, this only applies to describing equipment, not plants or method) the exact same patterns, scaping and growing methods are the same.

The only difference is a few small details (relative to the larger picture).

Start out with as many plants as possible!

Originally Posted by Seattle_Aquarist View Post
Hi Frank,

Nice looking setup!

BTW, you are way too young to be "Kicking it old school" lol
Great to hear from you Roy!

Haha, I would agree with the age, but I still have a special place in my heart for the original equipment used!

You had a few great planted aquariums going last I saw you - how are things going with them and the GSAS?
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