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Originally Posted by Lludu View Post
Plants: Java Ferns, Mosses, Anubias, Crypts

Equipment: HoB Filters (or one of the following Canisters: 2211/13, Zoomed, Toms Rapid), Lighting Fixture under $80, No Pressurized Co2 - Only Flourish/Excel (Liquid Co2), No other additives (unless it is part of your discretionary funds). Eco-Complete, Akadama, AquaSoil, or Fluval Stratums

Pricing: Maximum of $300

I think that will make a very nice low tech tank... thats how I run my tanks and I love them... lets see what you can do with that...
Sorry, I need to ask:

is the tank i posted before a "low tech" then? -Confused-

What's in it:
- 15x9x10. ~6 gallon.
- Eheim 2213 Rated 50 gal. max. Running a diy UGF
-planted Cascade 200 HOB filter with activated carbon and fluval media and fluval sponge pre filter.. Rated 50 gal. max.
- Internal heater.
- Some fissidens, lots of limnophila, and a nice sized farm of the coveted mini-Xmas moss, lobelia cardinalis, red cabomba, dwarf anubias, etc.
- Archaea 27x2 10,000k light fixture
- yamaya Rocks
-akadama double red line substrate
- Only DI water.
- No ferts, no CO2/excel.
- 1CPO, 12+SS CRS and many Fire Reds

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!
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