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My dumb butt used up all the slate last week so I had to attach this to black lava rock:

Yes, it'll be positioned a bit differently in the tank and the rock, for the most part, will be beneath the substrate.

Not too shabby for wood scraps and some super glue gel, if I may say so myself. I kind of like the idea of part of the wood touching the substrate.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I fell asleep sitting up in a chair but I *can* tell you that I won't be attaching moss til tomorrow. I've got a decent amount of Java/Xmas/Singapore/Peacock and a literal pound of Willow Moss.

Love the way mixed mosses have grown in another tank of mine:

But think the more messy look of Willow Moss could be interesting with such a small tank.

Another mission for tomorrow: see if I can get a glass shop to notch out section for my AC20 or if I have to get crafty with a glass cutter and silicone on my own.
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