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Arrow Shrimp Keeping Information

Hello friends,

I would like to share some of the information about shrimp keeping in Benibachi Farm.

Water Parameter for CRS,KK,WR:

Ph: 6.5
GH: 4
TDS: 100-150
Temp: 72F

Water Parameter for Golden Eye Blue Tiger and Black Diamond:

Ph: 7.0-7.2
Gh: 7-10
TDS: 220-250
Temp: 72F

Golden Eye Blue Tiger and Black Diamond prefer slightly alkaline and harder water. Shrimps live in water that have lower Ph and GH won't be able to breed and can't show their best coloration.

We use inline canister filters - 2x 2217size(no undergravel filter), large sponge filters, air stone.
The size of the tank: 90cm×45cm×45cm (~48G)
Substrate depth: 10cm minimum.
There is no water changing, only top off the tank.

I will post some method of starting tank which we use in Benibachi Farm very soon!
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