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LED fixture came today and it is just meh. I knew I was getting something really cheap, though, and am okay with it. And it's perfect for this application.

Here's a look:

A look at the substrate (Shrimp Sand) I chose to use:

How the fixture lights things up:

I think I'll be able to maintain low light for moss and C. parva (come on, people, sell me some submerged C. parva already!) if the fixture sits right on top of the tank with a thin glass cover.

Though, if you take a look at how little room there is on the tank:

You'll see that I need to suspend it probably an inch or two above the tank. We'll see how that works out.

Have been super gluing scraps of wood together all afternoon and plan to attach some moss later today with plans of flooding the tank this evening.

Plan to let things run and grow for a month before shrimp move in. I've sold off nearly all of my Crystals so I'm thinking I may end up buying something to provide stark contrast to the tank's soon-to-be dark features. It's a little small so I'm not sure Tigers are a good choice. Probably some run-of-the-mill CRS or maybe Snow Whites/Goldens? Possibilities are endless!

Thanks for reading along on yet another tiny tank journey.

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