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I'll be honest. I was a bit frustrated with how the true "willow" moss is growing in. It just doesn't have the growing patterns that I'm looking for. In a word, I need something that will accrue mass rather than spread like it's Marsilea Minuta for the effect I want.

So, I took to the task of tying new moss (peacock moss from Dollface) to stones and replacing the willow moss.

A little surprised at the growth rate there.

New full tank shot

You can really see how much brighter the layout got with the new moss replacement.

Admittedly, I did keep some of the other willow moss in the back to keep a barrier for the hair grass.

Originally Posted by frrok View Post
Do the Amanos from Japan stay smaller than the one that you can typically get from a lfs?

Just a comment on the relaxing effect of aquariums. I absolutely love this aspect. There is nothing better than coming home to a beautful aquascape. Especially one in the nature aquarium style. Even in my "low tech" Or non-co2 tanks I try to achieve as much of a balance as possible and try to envoke a natural environment. This is very important to me. It's especially important to undertstand some of the philosophy.
They will eventually get larger. But getting them while they're smaller size is primo since they'll eat more algae than the larger / older guys. Of course the females are always huge and the males stay smaller.
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