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1 Gallon Glass Jars (diy)

So I've been collecting 1 gallon glass jars for the past year to have for raising fry in and anything else I might need a 1 gallon container for. I have somewhere around 15 of them and growing. I know aquarium people get creative and I've been thinking of different ways to use them, but I WANT YOUR IDEAS!

Anyone else out there use 1 gallon jars for aquarium stuff? Looking for ideas on how to use these things. Here are some of the things I've already thought of:

-Raising fry (using them as a small aquarium)
-Holding tanks for sick fish
-Using them as giant box fixtures just by adding an uplift tube and filling them with gravel and filter floss

I've also thought about ways to try and "connect" a row of them together and have water cycle through all of them and raise fry that way, but I haven't put anything together yet. It was going to utilize a syphon tube from one jar to the other so they were all connected and have the last one drain into a small aquarium where I would place the heater, filter media, etc. and a very small return pump would add water to the first tank, creating a circuit.

I'm also thinking about ways to use them in an emersed type setup since I caught the emersed bug. I think they would be good for keeping stems and plants that might need a little vertical support on the sides, or just using them for ground cover plants to separate them into perfect circles (the shape of the jar) which I could then pass off to others or sell. Obviously the height of the jar would be a pain to get in and out of with scissors and the like, but I imagine it would contain a lot of the moisture. I would need to consider drilling a drain though.

Let me know what you guys are thinking and if you have any ideas that I might not have thought of!

If you guys need any let me know! I went to That Pet Place and they were selling them for some outrageous amount like $7 or something...what a ripoff.
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