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april Philly swap meet

Ok guys and gals, spring is here, and you know what that means? it means i don't have to freeze at work anymore and this puts me in a good mood for our next swap meet. it will be 4/22/12, time and place tbd. i'm hoping we can do what we did with the last one, but i have to get a hold of Jimmy first.

now here is the good stuff. since i am in a really good mood since the weather is so nice, i am going to do 2 raok's. and i want to do these for all you lurkers out there. you want to come to this meet, because i will be giving away 20 of my nicest blue pearl shrimp. that is 20 ice blue beauties for free!! want to start a shrimp colony? here's your shot. looking to add another species? here ya go!! the other raok is going to be for one of my "rare" crypts. i am thinking that a cryptocoryne affinis should make some crypt lover out there happy. got a small crypt collection and want something to spice it up? here ya go! would make a nice centerpiece in any tank when it is fully grown. i"ll probably have another of the more common crypts in the bag with the affinis as well

like i said, these are for the first 2 people who make it to the meet that don't regularly post on the boards. i know you're out there, laughing at us whackjobs for posting so much, well, come on out, meet a few new people in the hobby and get some new stuff! remember, the hobby grows faster when more people participate!!

hope to see a lot of new people there!! please! take my shrimp and my crypts!!LOL

once again, in case you missed it, that is 4/22/ the date!!!
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