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Just a small update for right now, as I'm enjoying the Mini M. Without sounding too cliche, it has a 'zen' relaxation for me at the end of a long day.

I added some Amano's which I ordered about 400 of that came straight from Japan. They're the ideal small size and are vigorously eating algae. I have about 300 extra after dispersing them into various tanks. If you need some Amano's I can let em go for $2.25 / ea or 10 for $20 + shipping. Send me a PM, since this isn't a sales thread.

Originally Posted by roybot73 View Post
Sweet setup. Wish the "Green Glow" fixtures were still in production. I'll bet that that fixture was used on most, if not all of the 60-P setups throughout the entire "Nature Aquarium World" series. Good stuff.
You score that from Jeff?
The whole system was a gift from my great friend, Luis Navarro. He was downsizing his aquariums at home.

The old Green Glow / NA style 60-P is something I've wanted for a long time for it's sentimental value. While technology has moved on, this particular setup was the quintessential ADA system until the Solar I replaced the Green Glow, and was the foundation for what we have today.
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