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Thanks! I think the Anubia rhizomes are above gravel (well, except for that big one in the middle, I'll have to try to work that up), mainly because I couldn't get them into the gravel very well, maybe now I know why; I'll double check at home tonight.

I actually read elsewhere in these forums that the roots of the java fern are supposed to not be buried, that the fern would take care of the roots itself, so last night I unburied the roots and just left it floating on the bottom. I was curious to see if the roots grabbed onto the rock next to the fern, but let me know if I was misunderstanding the instruction on the fern, I can easily re-bury the roots, it has a nice horizontal rhizome that seems in good health so far. I have had a brown thumb with potted plants in the past, so I am fretful about this learning process.

At this size of tank my main concern with fertilizer dosing was over-encouraging algae growth. I'll poke around the fertilizer forum and see what I can learn, it's pretty overwhelming, to be honest!

Is this a good place to ask about an easy floating plant to start with, or is that better to go to the plants subforum? With a small tank and one bulb, I know I don't want to choke the light, but I love the look.
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