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First Planted, 5 gallons on a budget

Hey folks, just starting with aquariums again after 20 years; I'm on a budget, so am going slow and trying to stay really low tech (by agreement, I spend as much on the tank as my lovely wife does on gardening ). I got a 5-gallon cheapie tank kit and added A 10W, 5100K fluorescent bulb. Substrate is some basic natural gravel from LFS, no other substrate additives: I was going to get laterite but forgot until after everything was running. After discussing it with the plant guy at LFS, decided to let it ride; we also decided to try using Seachem Flourish Tabs instead of fluid since the doses would be so small and hard to manage. I am using Amquel Plus and NovAqua Plus in the water whenever I do a partial water change.

Plants are three different varieties of Anubia and a Java Fern as basic starter plants. Also have a nice rock (well.. for a rock...) and a piece of Malaysian Driftwood. The big Anubia in the front has a broken off leaf, the LFS guy thought it was just broken in shipping, and I liked how it looked so decided to give it a try.

Curious how people fertilize at this size, and anything I can do to improve the tank. I'd love to get some plants near the top somehow but not sure where to go with it. Thanks for taking a look.



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