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Thanks for all the comments!! I really like the simplicity of the layout and this kind of style too. Ideally I'd like for the echinodorus to get much bigger so that it can balance out the look of the dhg when the dhg gets longer. only time will tell though. I would very much like to find a cool stone to put in there too, but my wife enjoys the different types of plants and so do I for the time being. just need to get an upper hand on the staghorn.

dtum, I at one point had built an inline diffusor for this tank, roughly based off of the rex grigg reactor. But I don't think it was diffusing the co2 as well as I thought it was. My HC at the time started to pull up in some sections and seemed to lose its deep roots. I am thinking about giving it another shot though. Maybe purchase one online that's a little more compact. That may be an investment I'd be willing to make. Thanks again all. Looking forward to where this layout goes next. On a side note. The echinodorus that I have in the tank (not exactly sure which specific echinodorus it is) but it's leaves have changed to a deep maroon. They were all green when I purchased it. It's a pretty contrast. Again, best to all and thanks for the comments. -el g

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