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Originally Posted by jart
Ummm, am I missing something here? Why are the fish not uprooting your plants? Are you feeding them lots of veggies? That is one great looking tank, very well done. I know it is a lot to ask, but can you list the flora/ fauna you have in there? Very clear pics.

That tank wants me to get rid of my gigantic java fern...

Thank you for the comments.

As far a uprooting the plants.... I guess I'm just lucky. It is so against the "norm" to have a planted cichlid tank. Let alone a so far successful one. I was thinking the other day that it might me the diet, the cichlids in this tank are Peacocks and cichlids from Lake Tanganyika these cichlids are not herbivores like Malawi Mbuna cichlids (a few are these type, the yellow ones). I feed these cichlids New Life spectrum food and that my be part of the reason, and I feed twice a day so the dont feed on the plants. Also they have destroyed a few of the plants. It trial and error when introducing new fish and plants to the mix. But the fish are so fun to watch interact with each other.

I will list the flora when I get a chance
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