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Originally Posted by Powchekny View Post
In my opinion, the great lengths we take to 'sanitize' driftwood really aren't necessary. Fish don't naturally come from laboratory environments after all.

If it were me, I'd let it dry in the hot sun for a few days. A week if I were feeling paranoid. Then let it soak for a few days if it came from the ocean (to get rid of the salt). You could even use a very dilute chlorine bleach solution if it was wet and came from a freshwater lake or stream. Just soak in a dechlorinator before adding to your tank.

If it's already completely dry, I don't think you have to much to worry about. Anything likely to cause illness to your fish is probably long dead.

Boiling forty gallons of water to sanitize a piece of wood, and then tossing it into the bacteria frappe that is a freshwater aquarium seems ... well, excessive.
+1. I don't have a beach so I can't comment, but the only thing I did was scrub it with hot water to get it clean then just poured boiling water over one side, flipped and poured again. Took about 20 minutes (I actually did like 10 pieces of wood at once). Tossed it in with the discus, after four months no deaths, I think we are fine.
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