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updated trim. staghorn seems to only exist on the sections of hairgrass that are not flourishing. Dialing in a better dosing regime. Getting closer to an EI dosing regime. the most limiting nutrient seems to be phosphate in this tank. I've upped the co2 to 2bps and am keeping a close eye on the fauna. But I've been making gradual increases in co2 and fertilizer so as to not shock the current system. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after the hairgrass trim the staghorn does not get out of control. I've been waiting to trim the hairgrass for awhile and finally pulled the trigger today. giving the tank about a .5" bed of hairgrass. I'm considering getting an ada outflow lily pipe or tinkering again at the acrylic bending with the heat gun. My water flow seems to be primarily at the upper level of the tank and I want it to be a little deeper. I clean the diffusor every three weeks or so with bleach to keep it functioning properly. seems to be working well.

Dosing regime after water change:
2ml seachem nitrogen
8ml seachem phosphorus
3ml seachem potassium
3ml seachem comprehensive.

Then daily dosage of:
4ml phosphorus
2ml potassium
2ml comprehensive
0ml nitrogen (levels are around 40ppm throughout the week so I haven't been dosing as often)

I know the API tests are the not the most accurate, but they are giving me a better, albeit rough understanding of what's happening in the water column. Here are the photo updates:

before trim (a very focused observer)

drop checker success after 4.5/5 hours

nitrate, phosphate, ammonia (tap water, tank water, distilled water...I was getting a slight ammonia reading last week from my tap water). currently 0 ammonia in the I think

late afternoon sunlight. good hairgrass growth on this end of the tank near the diffusor. strange enough, this is where the staghorn is the most present...near the diffusor.

side angle

trim trim trim

lookin good and growin'



thanks for looking. -el g

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