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I want to see you do a manzanita driftwood lay out with petit, bolbitis or java fern, moss, a bunch of "beginner" stems that are readily available in the S&S at any given time, and a three plant mixed foreground with hair grass, glosso, and riccia.

You can only use AS + bacter 100 and clear super for the substrate
Brighty K + step 1 through 3 for ferts plus one liquid additive.
DIY co2 only.
Lighting is up to you, as long as there's an equivalent alternative fixture available for under 100$. Hard mode: you use a desk lamp.
For kicks, I'm going to say you should use an aquaclear HOB filter, but you could cheat and just say that for the price of that + your 50$ you saved up for a 2211 instead
you only get to use one pair of scissors, and one pair of tweezers

Your total budget has to come out under 200-300$ if you were to buy everything new, hardscape and plants included, tank not included, with an itemized list of your costs.

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