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I was meditating earlier today. How do I further explain the benefits of "The Method," so you can see first hand what to do? The Method may seem complex, but is ultimately, very easy to understand.

Many of you are already doing it to some extent, but not the full potential.

I then thought to myself, "well, the most valuable learning tools have always been step-by-step journals." You can follow along through the troubles and tribulations, and see how things are responded to.

With this, I had an idea: What if I made a challenge?

And with the idea of a challenge in mind, I've got the perfect learning tool. One which even I can't predict the outcome yet and here's why:

I'm going to let you CHALLENGE me on a "low-tech," tank to prove the merits of The Method

Here's the skinny:

I'm going to let TPT determine my next Nano Layout. The 'budget,' will be restricted and using The Method, the objective is to make a stunning layout.

So here's the parameters:

You decide what the plants will be.
You decide what the limitations on equipment will be.
You decide how much I can spend within reasoning.

The only thing I'll start with is a nano Rimless aquarium (since this has nothing to do with how the 'scape' turns out and the plants grow) and $50 maximum budget allowed to use at my discretion.

With a popular consensus, I'll tackle the challenge, use the principles and techniques of The Method and we'll see firsthand together the results.

The direct objective is to create a "low-tech," tank which is set by current standards and show the effectiveness of The Method.
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