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A quick update. The growth on the blyxa seems to be slow. I just don't think it likes the lighting conditions in the tank. On the left side of the tank there is a piece of Blyxa that natural sunlight hits and it seems to be growing faster than the others which leads me to believe it is the lighting. I was not sure if this plant would cut it in this tank. There is some growth so we will see what it is like in the coming weeks.

The sunlight on the left side of the tank leads to my second problem. I am getting staghorn on the sides of plant that face the left side of my tank which is where the sunlight hits it from the window. I try to keep the blinds closed but I am not the only person living in this apt. For now I have put a black covering on that side to keep the light out which should solve my problem.

All in all I am happy with this tanks and the growth I am getting in my lower light plants. Here are some pics of it and the algae. You can see how it is all growing on the left side of things.

Also I reattached the riccia since it grew so large it detached itself. I need to clean up all the stragglers of riccia too.
Also if you want a way to cover up you filter intake just let riccia grow through the foam (picture of it below).

Here is the riccia lol. You can also see the Blyxa. I am comparing its growth and color to my high light tank so I don't know if I will ever be happy with the growth or color of it in this tank. The picture makes the tips look yellow and they are slightly in person. What deficiency is this if it isn't the amount of lighting?
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