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Lighting for new 90 gallon aquarium!!!

Hey all, I recently purchased a 90 gallon acrylic aquarium with dimensions 60x18x20 (LxWxH). Ill be stocking angelfish and a few other random community fish. I want a setup that lets me grow most high light plants that are easy to acquire. Ill have CO2 going as well. The aquarium came with 2 fixtures that are each 2x24 t12s which I dont think this is enough for what I want, but they can be used to supplement whatever I end up buying. Also, the tank has a canopy that I would like to use so metal halide probably isnt an option.

Ive been looking at LED and T5HO, but am overwhelmed by much there is to know. I prefer prebuild new or used/craigslist rather than DIY in either case. A few of my main qs are:

If I go LED: Would a 48 or 60 strip be better for this tank? 1 or 2 strips? Will I really notice better clarity from LED lights over the T5HO? What would be better for plant growth?

If I go T5HO: I think 2 lights would be enough but maybe 3 because of the width? I would probably get a 5,000K and 6,500K, and another 5,000K if I need three bubs. Would that be appropriate?

I welcome anyones advice about the type of lighting and which particular brand or setup would be the best for this tank. Im hoping to be in the price range of $100, but could probably be talked into $200. Meh, maybe even a little more... Shoot me ideas if ya got them.

Many thanks,

Experience: I have maintained 2 smaller aquariums (44G and 15G) with low light plants, and am currently pumping CO2 in the 15G. I still have a lot to learn, but Im not completely ignorant!
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