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Made by Deep Blue Professional - tend to focus a lot of their products on marine/reef. This is on page 13 of their product PDF - with the glass dividers for Bettas. They also make all kinds of coral frag tanks that are perfect for shrimpers.

I think it was $34/$35. A little too spendy for a tank so small but the footprint was worth the splurge. Was also at a janky LFS in Southern Indiana that charges out the rear for everything. My preferred fish shops in Louisville never have any tanks worth buying. So I snatched it up when I found it yesterday. I've seen them at a couple shops in AZ for about $20ish in the past.

Now to find an 18" light fixture that isn't a nightmare. Or maybe I'll make my own LED fixture. It's a shame Coralife doesn't make an 18" T5NO rig. That'd be perfect. (As I type this, I'm betting I'll cave and get the dang Marineland fixture that is overpriced and less than perfect. At least it'll be easy to suspend above the tank from the wire racks.)
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