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Jake's 18"/3gal Nano Shrimp Tanks

I've got a fancy new tank:

18" L x 6" W x 7" H = 3gal:

Came with a nice glass cover but I'll either need to have it cut to fit an HOB or go topless. Came with four glass dividers (these tanks are typically used to house Bettas with five separate compartments - and for coral frags) that I may also be able to use to partially cover the tank. Would just mean that a section near the filter will be completely open - about a third of the top.

I've been shutting down a bunch of tanks and this little one is going to be my compromise. Perfect footprint for shrimp, as there's quite a bit of ground space. Will be great as a cull tank or for some

So what will I do with it? I've got three Red Sea Nano filters I could swap over. Could use one on each end to make sure there's plenty of flow. Or I can steal the Red Sea media and toss it in an AquaClear 20.

Don't think I want this to be high-tech so it's going to be fun trying to figure lighting out. Maybe an 18" Marineland Double Bright wouldn't be overkill for mosses and crypts. Have a few bags of UP Aqua Shrimp Sand and Azoo Plant Grower Bed so I'm good on the substrate front. Also have this piece of wood I can butcher for use:

Just need to get the super glue and a bunch of moss ready.

For placement, I've got a ton of options. There's room beneath my Ebi and I have plenty of space on this rack.

Multiple Tank Syndrome is a serious problem, kids. Be careful when you're visiting fish shops in search of coral fragments. You'll end up buying new shrimp tanks.

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