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My reviews on 4 Milwaukee (area) Fish Stores

So yesterday I took a trip to visit milwaukee and decided to go to the four biggest fish stores I could find. Here are my reviews purely based on my little time in each. This is my personal opinion so please don't be offended.

1. - I was initially excited about this store because it is conveniently located and says it has a large shark tank. The shop was supposed to be open at 10am and when I arrived at 10:02 they were locked up. I called and asked if they were even open and I wasn't received with the warmest of welcomes. Upon entering I realize it isn't as large as it had made itself seem. Basically it is a long narrow corridor lined with tanks. The selection of livestock was okay but not very impressive and some of the tanks were quite dirty and underkept. Also, the selection of aquatic plants wasn't very great at all.
SCORE= 3 stars

2. Hoffers Tropical Pets- Another user pointed me towards this place. Although the drive from downtown to the place was a little sketchy it was definitely worth it. This place was HUGE, a warehouse esentially converted into a pet paradise. This place had a baby alligator pit and a pit with tortoises along with birds and reptiles galore. But on to important parts. The fish selection here was pretty great. It took me quite a while to "quickly" browse over. A very generous portion of the warehouse itself was designated for aquariums. There were several tanks stacked with aquatic plants and some interesting show tanks as well. The one downfall to me was that the staff wasn't great. Some of them were nice but some were not as personable.
SCORE= 4.5 stars

3. The Fish Factory- This place is more removed from the city but still worth a visit. The staff here were very nice and it had a very relaxed atmosphere. Also, they have good deals going on depending on the day and even when it rains they have specials. Although the place was pretty small it was well kept and had a decent selection of livestock and plants.
SCORE= 3.5 stars

4. Aquatics Unlimited- This was the one place I was most excited to see. Let me tell you it definitely doesn't disappoint. This place was like a giant square room lined top to bottom with tanks. Sadly my time in here was limited but overall the place was very clean and well kept. I didn't really get a chance to talk to the staff so as for that I have little to comment on. The plant selection here was decent but not as great as hoffers. The fish selection here could easily compete with hoffers and was very impressive. This place is definitely worth taking a trip to.
SCORE = 4.5 stars

Any questions or comments on the stores feel free to ask!

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