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Originally Posted by frrok View Post
That's pretty amazing how much healthy growth in only three weeks time.
Thank you for your kind words, Frrok.

It's taken me years now to arrive at the success formula to get that to grow like that, 100% of the time without exception.

This is the formula I now try to spread to everyone I can.

Beforehand, maybe 1 in 4 layouts would grow to maturity the way they were originally envisioned. Now that success ratio is 4 for 4.

Some Mistakes I may have made:

1. I believe I may have trimmed the Riccia too early - it appears to be doing some pretty weird things in terms of growth. Lots of splitting and rather than being straight up, it has bend and curves to it.

Either way, I'm on a quest to obtain Riccia from Japan, this type grows profoundly differently than the type we have in America

2. Adding the Microsword originally was a mistake. One of the reasons for that is it meant I had 6 plant varieties, instead of 5. Always stick to odd numbers.

3. I dosed Penac W directly, rather than pre-mixing it in a small cup, so I got some Penac white powder stuck in the substrate on the front glass. A noob mistake that I had already learned once and promptly ignored.
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